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    Will it be possible to send arguments to the event handlers <BR>for ex.<BR>document.onkeyup=checkKeyValue(a1,a2) (Javascript code)<BR>If I pass like this,I am not able to reference the event handle<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    hi, renu!<BR><BR>document.onkeyup=checkKeyValue(a1,a2) <BR><BR>no, this way you do run the function, and passes the returned value into the event handler property.<BR>you should pass the function address to this property for it to work:<BR><BR>document.onkeyup=checkKeyValue<BR><BR >after all, there are events which receive default and internal arguments, like the "onerror" one.&nbsp;&nbsp;what would be supposed to happen if you could pass values to it, nah?<BR><BR>Bruno (brunosantos@rj.net)

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