This is somewhat of a large posting and there are a number of questions asked... <BR><BR>HOWEVER, the questions should be fairly simple for a lot of you considering some of the other questions that I have seen posted here.<BR><BR>I&#039ll give you a little background first...<BR>I am an employee at BC Hydro in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For me this is a Full-time Temporary Co-op job and I&#039m still learning a lot to learn so here&#039s the deal...<BR><BR>I&#039ve been asked to create a web page in which has four frames 1st takes up half the page (100% across & 50% down)<BR>2nd, 3rd and 4th are across the bottom half of the page. They each take up 33% of the width of the page.<BR><BR>1st Problem: I want each frame to contain a List box, but don&#039t know how to create a list box in HTML or whatever would be best.<BR><BR>Above each of the lower frames I have a Drop Down Box. In the first box there is a list of items that can be displayed in