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    We are currently working on a kiosk that will allow people to print information. The problem is how to print? The rules are:<BR>1. Seeing the view version of the page, and printing the unopened print .html page. The page can not be seen by the person printing.<BR>2. The printing must begin without the print device showing on the screen or having to click the print device to commence the printing<BR><BR>This has to be all done on the client side of things. No ASP!<BR><BR>Please Help!?<BR><BR>Kevin

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    OK, so this is the second request like this I&#039ve seen. And I had an idea that I don&#039t have time to play with or test, so I&#039ll just let y&#039all work on it. <BR><BR>It is possible in vbscript and possibly javascript to instantiate another instance of IE. Unfortunately, I&#039m not sure if the print method is part of IE&#039s exported object model, but you can look. If it is, then you might be able to achieve what you want that way. Obviously this all has to happen on the client, so if you need to use vbscript, then you&#039ll need IE.<BR><BR>HTH

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