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    I have a need to allow the user to select multiple asp files and then print them out with page breaks between them. Creating the resultant page from the user selection is not the problem, is there a way to include page breaks, so that when it gets printed, each table will be on a page by itself?<BR><BR>

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    That is one bad thing about HTML, is that you cannot force how it will look when printed (although DHTML allows you more control, but only works for 4.x and up browsers).<BR><BR>So, to answer your question, there is no way to force a page break! Sorry! If you want real nice printing, you&#039d have to use PDF or something like that. See for ASP related products for printing nicely. :)

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    John Bonin Guest

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    That&#039s what I thought. I have looked at the Active4 site for creating PDF files on the fly and it works quite nicely. But just want to make sure that there is no other alternatives that I might have missed.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>John

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