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    &nbsp;<BR>Hello,<BR>I am going to develop a searched based project in which user dynamically select the category of the itom from first dropdown option box, In the second option box he select the city where he wants to find the itom.These option box values comes from the database with the help of recordset.<BR> I want to refine that search such that when user chose city then areas or sectors corresponds to that city comes dynamically and user chose specific sector and submit query and see the result such that the wanted itom could be found from these general stores of that sector of that city. MY PROBLEM IS THAT HOW I GENERATE THIRD FIELD MEANS SECTORS OF THE CITY CORRESPONDS TO THAT SPECIFIC CITY.<BR>any help.<BR>Thanks all<BR>

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    If the City Sectors are known ahead of time, you create a table called sectors in your database. Each sector record should have an ID field, a sector name field, and a City ID field. The City ID field will store the ID of the city that each sector is a part of. When the city is clicked, you run a query on the sector table to display a dropdown box filled with all sectors with the City ID equal to the value of the city dropdown box value. <BR><BR>I hope I understood your question ;]

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