OK...<BR>In a one to many db relationship in MS Access you woud typically have a main form and a continuous.cascading subform.<BR>But how do you emaulate this on an asp page?<BR>While it&#039s easy enough to loop through the &#039many&#039 recordest and display them in a table, what&#039s the best method in entering this data via an asp page and then retrieving it for updating.<BR>Do you have to do one line at a time or can you have a table with say 10 rows all with the text boxes with the same name.<BR><BR>What I have at the moment is a table of 10 rows and each field ends in a number, i.e. in row one there is a field called Description1 and in the second row Description2 and so on up to 10. This doesn&#039t seem the ideal way to do it although it does work. I would rather loop through one field name i.e . Description 10 times but am not sure if this would work and if each row would get entered correctly.<BR><BR>Many Thanx<BR><BR>Kevin M<BR>