Strange Error (80040e14) in ActiveX-DLL under ASP

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Thread: Strange Error (80040e14) in ActiveX-DLL under ASP

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default Strange Error (80040e14) in ActiveX-DLL under ASP

    I wrote 2 ActiveX-Dlls with VB6,<BR>one for the select-statements which returns the adodb.recordset<BR>, and another one for the string-output.<BR>When i use them in a VB6-EXE, everything works fine.<BR>When i call the output-dll from ASP, then i get this error:<BR>========================= CUT ==============================<BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers-Fehler &#039 80040e14&#039 <BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Distributed transaction completed. Either enlist this session in a new transaction or the NULL transaction. <BR>========================= CUT ==============================<BR><BR>The components are 100% sure error-free and correctly integrated in MTS.<BR>I read about this error in some internet-discussion-rooms, but i always found only questions, and no solutions for this error.<BR><BR>Has anybody the same error and a solution for that ?<BR><BR>for question mail to<BR><BR>thx in advance,<BR>Thomas Gugler.

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    Default RE: Strange Error (80040e14) in ActiveX-DLL under

    I had the same error, so instead I went to Windows Scripting Host. Information on where to download it for free, and how to use it are at this address<BR><BR>

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default RE: Strange Error (80040e14) in ActiveX-DLL under

    thx for your response, but thats no solution for me...;-)<BR>i think that there must be a solution, so that i can solve that problem and can continue with ASP, MTS und my 2 activex-dlls.

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default error SOLVED!!!!!!

    i found the solution in a book: (MTS and MSMQ with VB and ASP)<BR><BR>The reason are th Project-Compiling settings in VB6:<BR><BR>i changed some optiones under the Project-preferences tab and that was it.<BR>the changed options:<BR><BR>1.) Component-&#062;Version Compability: Binary Compability<BR>2.) Unattended Execution ON<BR><BR>I hope this helps some other people.<BR><BR>happy coding,<BR>Thomas Gugler.(<BR><BR>

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    Thomas Gugler Guest

    Default RE: not really SOLVED!!!!!!

    for anybody who has the same troubles:<BR><BR>now i have the really solutions:<BR><BR>the vb-options for the compiled DLL is necercerry,<BR>but the main reason ist the interactiin between 2 ore more <BR>DLL&#039s on MTS.<BR>The parten DLL hast the be set to "requires new transaction",<BR>and the child, who calls the parten has to be set to "requires transaction".<BR>if you set both to new, then this strange error occurs.<BR><BR>greetz from vienna,<BR>Thomas Gugler.

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