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    Manjula Guest

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    In the text field the customer&#039s enter text which has Apostropes init .<BR><BR>Example :<BR><BR>The message is about XYZ&#039s issue. This needs immediate attention.<BR><BR>The word XYZ&#039s creates problem while getting the text and entering the same into DB.<BR><BR>Let me know.<BR><BR>

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    satyarthi Guest

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    manjula,<BR>perhaps u are a beginner in ASP. I also faced the same problem.<BR>you can do one thing to get rid of your problem. just create a function which replaces single quotes (&#039) with double quotes(&#039&#039).<BR>use this function with your text as a parameter for your function<BR>before entering the text into the database.<BR>happy programming...<BR>satyarthi..<BR>s_satyarthi@yahoo .com<BR>

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