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    to check if there&#039s some data in a table for a particular request, in SQL Server 7,<BR><BR>is it faster to do :<BR>SELECT COUNT(ID)...<BR>and to check if count("id")&#060;&#062;0<BR><BR>or to do :<BR>SELECT TOP 1 ID ...<BR>and to check if not result.eof<BR><BR>?<BR>i think it&#039s TOP 1 but...<BR><BR>thanx

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    If it&#039s not a qualified search (select top 1 id from table;) then it would be faster to do the latter because you&#039re not digging into the recordset at all; you&#039re just grazing the .eof property. On the DB side it shouldn&#039t matter, but in the ASP, I believe the ?.eof is faster.

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