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    I am interested in hosting a resume board site (something similar to www.monster.com....though not as large), to cater to the manpower supplies of my geographical region. I am interested in your suggestions / tips about server / platform / programming / language, etc. that I should use. I am not technically sound and am basically going to be managing the business aspect of the site.<BR>Hoping to receive valuable suggestions / tips.<BR>Regards,<BR>Jayesh

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    Jayesh, <BR><BR>I worked on one for a while, it ultimately collapsed due to lack of capital but here&#039s what I learned...<BR><BR>you should define what exactly you want the board to do, offer simple searches, resume entry, etc... <BR><BR>Also the board must be easy to use, very simple. This is paramount. The website must be inituitive for them.<BR><BR>Many boards will offer email notifications of new Jobs/resumes this is a great service but first get the basics done. Get your essential (basic searching & Posting) things working BEFORE you even talk about more advanced features. Users will love great features but will hate it if the basics do not work. <BR><BR>For our purposes we were using ASP & MS SQL Server 7 it worked well for us & gave us the ablity to scale up to dedicated & clustered servers. Also I wrote the board entirely in ASP & then worked on the components & N Tier architecture. In retrospect that probably wasnt a great idea. If i had it to do all over again i would start with components first. most of these lessons & ideas will apply to any Programming project though<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR>Scott S<BR>sargent@ssmagic.com<BR>

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