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    Does anybody know how to create a button on a page which will change the settings on Internet <BR>Explorer so that the current page is the home page? I am creating a intra net site and can more or <BR>less ensure that the browser used will be IE 5. I know that I&#039ve seen this alot of places but I&#039ve never <BR>seen the code to execute it.

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    You can&#039t write the code and embed it into a webpage. You have to have a client side executable that they download and run on the local machine. The executalbe would have to change the settings for the browser in the system registry. This is the case with IE anyway. With Netscape there is a java solution, but will not work unless you have a certificate. The only other thing to consider is that with a downloaded executable you need to have the new url built in. If you don&#039t know the url before the executable is written, you have to have it compiled at time of download. At least these are the things that I have found abou the same question. I&#039ve found the easiest way is to use a thrid part solution. There is one at http://www.mmyhp.com (Make Me Your Home Page) but they charge $5500 USD for the service. OUCH! There is other one that I believe is just starting up. They are at http://www.vphome.com and their rates are much less at $100 USD. Simple and cost effective. Could you write something for that? Anyway, good luck!

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