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    Does anybody know how to create a button on a page which will change the settings on Internet <BR>Explorer so that the current page is the home page? I am creating a intra net site and can more or <BR>less ensure that the browser used will be IE 5. I know that I&#039ve seen this alot of places but I&#039ve never <BR>seen the code to execute it.

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    I&#039m not sure you can do it in script but you can export the registry key that stores that information into a .reg file then have users click on a link to it and tell them when the dialog to download or run the file pops up to choose "Run from this location". That will update their registry so be careful. Also the registry is very different for NT/2000 than it is for Win 9X so TEST TEST TEST.<BR><BR>For an example of how it works go to, they have that feature on their site.<BR><BR>Have fun.

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