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    I am experienced with ASP, but am a COM neophyte. <BR>My question is: Can custom COM components be run against Personal Web Server? If not, how do most people teach themselves? I could register my own .dll&#039s on one of the development servers at my job and learn there, but usually I&#039m too busy actually working to do my own private programming. None of what I&#039ve read specifies if you can use components with PWS, so what&#039s the deal?<BR><BR>I&#039d greatly appreciate any info.

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    Yes, you can use PWS to develop, COM components can be called from ASP&#039s running on it. If you&#039re going to use the global.asa for anything be advised that PWS only supports ONE website so the global.asa in the root of your webserver is the only one that will fire no matter where you put your virtual directories. If you are serious about developing custom components you&#039re going to want to run Windows 2000 Professional at a minimum. Everything you read or see about COM will talk about COM+ and that&#039s only available to Win 2000 users (since it&#039s built right into the O.S.).<BR><BR>Happy coding.

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    All you have to do is make a dll and register it. You can then access it through your asp using PWS.

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