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    I am experienced with ASP, but am a COM neophyte. <BR>My question is: Can custom COM components be run against Personal Web Server? If not, how do most people teach themselves? I could register my own .dll&#039s on one of the development servers at my job and learn there, but usually I&#039m too busy actually working to do my own private programming. None of what I&#039ve read specifies if you can use components with PWS, so what&#039s the deal?<BR><BR>I&#039d greatly appreciate any info.

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    If neophyte means &#039don&#039t know much about it&#039 then I am also a COM neophyte. I&#039ve been reading &#039VB5 for Web Development&#039 and it has a short example on how to call an &#039active server&#039 written in VB from an ASP web page. It uses the following code:<BR><BR>&#060;% Set oASPTest = Server.CreateObject("ASPTest.ASPClass")%&#062;<BR> &#060;%= oASPTest.getFullDate(now) %&#062;<BR><BR>where getFullDate is a VB routine which formats the date. The VB routine is compiled as an &#039ActiveX.exe&#039<BR><BR>The problem is that when I try to call it I get an error relating to not being able to run &#039out of process components&#039. The Microsoft web site covers this in relation to IIS, but not PWS, and gives a solution. I can &#039fix&#039 the problem by using &#039CreateObject&#039 rather than &#039Server.CreateObject&#039 when I call it, but I&#039m not clear in my mind if it would actually work properly like that over a network.<BR><BR>Interestingly enough, Microsoft seem to have got themselves into a mess regarding calling Office components as &#039active servers&#039 - it apparently allows the client (without a license) to run Office on a server and download the results via a web page. Microsoft say the feature is &#039not supported&#039 and could be unstable (a strange comment to make about their own software) !<BR><BR>I run into the same &#039out of process&#039 problem when I try to access an Excel sheet.<BR><BR>So the short answer is - I have been able to call an &#039active server&#039 object (which I think is the same as a COM object) on PWS by using CreateObject, but not Server.CreateObject.<BR><BR>Let me know if you get any further<BR><BR>Phil

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