Hello All:<BR><BR>Using ASPUpload, I would *like* to be able to create a form that allows a user to input information into the form (the data will be inserted into an Access database once posted) and upload an image to a folder on the server, but have the path to the image inserted in a field in the same record as the rest of the information being inserted into the database. I know that the ENCTYPE=mulipart/form-data converts the form data to a format that doesn&#039t allow for the standard &#060;Request.Form&#062; to be used, but the ASPupload command &#060;Upload.Form&#062; doesn&#039t seem to be working well with my SQL statements either. Has anyone else already figured this out? I can&#039t seem to think of a way to link the path of the image to a record in my database (heck, I can&#039t even think of a way to insert the whole image into my database and be sure it is in the correct record!)<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Todd Taylor<BR>toddtaylor@toddtaylor.com