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    Recently I made two pages. One was the login page that asks for username and password. If it is OK only then next opening page will be opened. That was working. Now I wanted to ensure that the second page will be displayed only throgh the login page. I use HTTP_REFERER in the second page and it was working. Now what happened when I reached the second page, I press enter at the address bar. At this time a browser is again requesting for this page. This time its without login page and still that page is displayed. When I did the same thing in Netsacape it behaved properly by showing my given message that you have to login first to reach this page. Is it an IE Bug?

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    I&#039m not sure exactly what&#039s happening in your pages but I can tell you that the HTTP_REFERER environment variable will only be filled with data if you click a link, click a submit button, or programatically submit a form in script (form.submit()). If you manually type in a url in the address bar OR click a link to the page in your "Favorites" folder there won&#039t be anything in the HTTP_REFERER variable.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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    IE has a bug that causes it to submit a form if you hit the<BR>enter key from an &#060;input type="text"&#062; or a radio button.If your<BR>"action" is undefined in the form tag, the page might be submitting to itself.<BR>

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