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    Well heres the situation....I&#039m attempting to mail out the results of a form and when ever the submit button is pressed I get a VB error telling me that Permission was denied on the objMail.send line.<BR><BR>I&#039m running this on an NT server with IIS&#039s SMTP server running, and I actually have the same service running on another server perfecly fine, all the SMTP settings are the same on both I don&#039t know whats up, the dir is allowed to Execute(including scripts).<BR><BR>any suggestions??<BR><BR>thanks<BR><BR>Doug Fowler

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    When you try to send an email using CDONTS, a text file is created in your mail root directory (usually C:InetPubmailrootQueue)<BR><BR>You need to definately make sure you have write permissions set for IUSR_machinename. I&#039d set these permissions for the Queue and BadMail directories.<BR><BR>Let me know if this solves your problem! :)

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