I have been working on this problem for more than a week, still struggling.... <BR><BR>I have a VB COM (rajit.dll) which has a declare statement to call FORTRAN dll (steamdll.dll). Very simple, here is the code: <BR><BR>**************************<BR>Private Declare Function STMPROP Lib "Steamdll.dll" (ByVal text As String, a1 As Single, a2 As Single) As Single<BR><BR>Public Function Compute(text As String, a1 As Single, a2 As Single) As Single<BR> Compute = STMPROP(text, a1, a2)<BR>End Function<BR>**************************<BR><BR>MY SITUATION:<BR>i need to use this COM obj in my ASP.<BR>here is the code:<BR><BR>set myObj=server.createobject("rajit.Calc")<BR>ret=myo bj.compute("PTH", 100, 1000)<BR><BR>I will get the results if I have the file "steamdll.dll" in windowssystem directory or under windows directory. But if I don&#039t have this file in either of these directories, I get an error msg: File not Found. I can&#039t copy this file steamdll.dll in either of these directories since my host is commercial server and it is aganist their policy. <BR><BR>I read the MSDN article, saying that the compiler will look for the lib in windowssystem directory first and if it can&#039t find then it then will look under windows. If still can&#039t find it, then will look in executable module location (in this case i am assuming it is .asp file location). But it fails. Offcourse if i create a standalone VB app with this object, it is working when i have the steamdll.dll in the executable path location.<BR><BR>Please help me here. Appreciate your time....<BR><BR>thanks<BR>rajit@usa.net<BR>