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    Looking for help to define JavaScript as default language for .asp pages opened in VID editor.<BR>Reason: I dont wanna type &#060;%@ Language=JavaScript %&#062; on each page and yet see all my code etc come up in the right color on the editor.<BR>Dont really require the tag as the default language has already been set up on the server.

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    I found this on MSDN...<BR><BR>To change the scripting language for an ASP file <BR><BR>With nothing selected in the editor, choose Property Pages from the View menu.<BR><BR><BR>In the Property Pages dialog box, choose the General tab, and then under Default scripting language, choose the language in the Server list. <BR>Design-time controls also use the LANGUAGE directive to know what language they should use to generate script. If you delete the &#060;%@ LANGUAGE= %&#062; directive in a file, the Visual InterDev controls generate script using the language currently specified in the Properties dialog box for the page. In addition, when these pages are run on the Web server, they will be processed using the language set in the DefaultScriptLanguage parameter under the ASP entry in the Web server registry.<BR><BR>Note If you have pages without the &#060;% @ LANGUAGE= %&#062; directive, make sure your language setting in the Options dialog box is identical to the default language set on your server; otherwise, the controls will generate code in the wrong language.<BR><BR>You can set the default for all new ASP pages you create.<BR><BR>To reset the default scripting language for new ASP pages <BR><BR>Right-click a project in the Project Explorer, and then choose Properties.<BR><BR><BR>In the Property Pages dialog box, choose the Editor Defaults tab.<BR><BR><BR>Under Default script language, select the language you want in the Server list. <BR>If you change the default scripting language, new files you create will reflect the change, but the specified scripting language in your existing files will not change.<BR><BR>

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