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    Default Database access in Visual InterDev 6

    Hi<BR>My project was developed using Visual InterDev 6 and MS-ACCESS Database and PWS. <BR>But after transferring the project to my Website <BR>While I am trying to access the database (connected thru ODBC), it displays<BR>the message as:<BR>ADODB.Connection error &#039 800a0bb9&#039<BR><BR>The application is using arguments that are of the wrong type, are out of<BR>acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.<BR>/sosproj/Result.asp, line 28<BR><BR>My Website is<BR><BR>It is using Font of Regional Language.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Anybody knowing the solution can come forward to help by sending mail to: <BR><BR>Salil.<BR><BR><BR>< BR>

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    Default is ADO connection set for the new server?

    I assume you have left your ADO connection the same when you uploaded the site.<BR><BR>such that your connection line still reads:<BR> "name of connection set up in windows"<BR><BR>the above line should be substituted with however the server connects to your databse. For example:<BR>"DRIVER={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=f:siteswwwdbuserdb.mdb")<BR><BR>I looked on the mspindia home page and didn&#039t see where they might have the info of connecting to your db so you&#039ll probably have to email them.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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