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    I am an experienced developer who is new to Visual InterDev/ASP programming. I have recently created a fully functional Web store using ASP, VB com components, and SQL Server 7.0. However, the graphics and overall presentation needs to be improved upon. I have read that InterDev can be used with Front Page. Is this true? Also, in order to maintain the thin client design by keeping all smarts on the server end, what Interdev controls should I stay away from?

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    Yes, I&#039m 99% sure you can use FrontPage and InterDev on the same web site. Be careful if you&#039re like me and appreciate neat-looking code; FrontPage will wreck it. The browser will still render it properly though. I don&#039t use FP for this reason.<BR><BR>Stick to the standard HTML controls and all will be well.<BR><BR>Good luck,<BR><BR>Mike<BR><BR>

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