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    I just started making my own DLLs. When I want to delete them they are in use (even if I shut all programs down), I have to reboot then delete it. Is there a tool that &#039unregisters&#039 DLLs without having to restart? Thanks

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    Are you using NT/IIS or PWS? You need to stop your web services, wait a sec., delete the file.<BR><BR>I know, a pain.<BR><BR>If you are using PWS, there is a good article on 4Guys that talks about recompiling components with PWS:<BR><BR><BR>There is also a troubleshooting list of common problems when building components. Check it out:<BR><BR><BR>Have a great day!

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    Hi,<BR>You can use MTs to deploy ur dlls..u can deploy the dll in a package.when u want to delete them, u can shut down the component and then delete the dll.U need not restart ur machine.

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    This will bring down IIS so you can delete, re-register dll&#039s.<BR><BR>net stop iisadmin /y<BR>mtxstop<BR>net start w3svc<BR><BR>Hope this helps.<BR><BR>

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