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    Ours is a high traffic site. It is based on Asp and Com. We have used Asp type library in the VB based COM Dlls. The Web server i.e IIS (NT server with option pack 4.0 ) hangs. Our backend database is Sqlserver 7.0. Could u suggest some solution for this.

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    Have you thoroughly tested your components.<BR><BR>You may need to check that your virtual memory is not being caned by one of your processes, i.e. you are not closing objects correctly, etc...<BR><BR>Look in task manager and check that the memory is being freed when the process finishes, if it is not you&#039ll need to look at your code and try to isolate the problem. You can buy software to do this or you can do what I do - say for instance you have a stored procedure that you are accessing through the command object, put the call to it in a loop of say 35000 (you&#039ll have to change the session timeout for this) and see that the memory is being released. Also only open objects just before they are needed where possible. This is not neccessarily the best approach but I&#039ve never had any problems since I started doing this (one of my best talents when I started was trashing servers!!! doesn&#039t go down too well)<BR><BR>However, all that being said, it&#039s a bit difficult to give a definate answer when I don&#039t really know what you are doing but this is a start.<BR><BR>Anyway good luck<BR>James

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