Problem With Oracle NUMBER(1) column.

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Thread: Problem With Oracle NUMBER(1) column.

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    I am retrieving data from an Orcale DB. One of the fields<BR>I am retrieving data from is defined as NUMBER(1). I can retrieve other NUMBER fields with different lengths. However<BR>for this field I can not retrieve the data it is returning<BR>a non valid VB type (I tried using TypeName on the retrieved field) every time I attempt to evaluate the field in an expression the app crashes. Has any one ever heard of this before?<BR>

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    First port of call is to use the SQL plus interface to test whether you can retrieve data from the database directly.<BR><BR>If this works then try Response.Write your value to the screen before you try to evaluate it.<BR><BR>If this works then use cint function before you evaluate it.<BR><BR>If none of these work consider changing the length to maybe 2, it shouldn&#039t effect tablespace dramatically.<BR><BR>Failing that you &#039ll have to post up a bit more info:-<BR>error message<BR>the code where you are performing the evaluation<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>James

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