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    I am very new to site building...Be gentle! I would like to use a form I have created. It has many fields very large. a couple hundred fields. When I open the html form I would like it to be populated with values stored in a template or some file. I then want to be able to edit/update the form and then submit the changes back to the template/file. When opened the next time, it opens with the revised data that is stored in the template/file. I have spent many days trying to find help on this.<BR>

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    If you don&#039t know how to use databases online or how to read/write text-files through are asking a REALLY big question. All I can really recommend is that you buy a book...I don&#039t recommend any particular book (I&#039m found of ASP unleashed but it is probably more advanced than what you are looking for)...<BR><BR>I can&#039t even think of any online resources which would fully explain online-databasing/file access from a scratch..<BR><BR>Sorry I can&#039t be any more aren&#039t asking an hard question...just one which cannot be answered on a forum..maybe not even online (hence my suggestion to buy a book)..<BR><BR>again..sorry..<BR>--<BR>Karl

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