After placing text values into a dictionary (about 5) I then try to place this dictionary into another dictionary. (see code below) This works fine on one server with scrrun.dll version (which comes with vs sp3) but fails on another server with scrrun.dll version (which comes with ie5.01). The error message is:<BR> Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01c2&#039<BR> Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment <BR> /path/file.asp, line 292<BR><BR>Any ideas on what to do? Unfortunately the site is moving to the new server with the newer version of scrrun.dll. My idea was to replace the newer dll with the older one but I was not sure of any hidden dependencies.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR>bob.<BR><BR>code snippet:<BR> set orderItem = server.CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")<BR> orderItem("PRODUCT_ID") = cstr(rsQuery("product_ID"))<BR> orderItem("TYPE") = orderType<BR> orderItem("SELECTED") = "1"<BR><BR> set orderItems = server.CreateObject("scripting.dictionary")<BR> orderItems("ITEM1") = orderItem