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    Hello. I have a very simple question for our new server and I am asking it on behalf of my partner/company.<BR><BR>We just need to set up our ip&#039s, so we can transfer domain names and start hosting. How do we get started? Do we call Dell, who supplied the server? Is there a tutorial? <BR><BR>Just setting up the IP"s, to host domain names on our server, and transfer domain names we have with our web host so we can leave them and host on our dedicated server.<BR><BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    first you have to call an ISP to provide you with live IPs.... If you already have a domain or a host, hosted by an ISP just tell them that you want to host your own site in house and they will provide you with instructions on how to do it. And in addition to that, you need to have a fast connection if you want to host your own site...

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    JB Guest

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    Hey, thanks, but it seems you are referring to us hosting with someone else. This is OUR server in our office...we have 30 ip&#039s doing nothing.<BR><BR>How do I get the domain names to work with them? Register them, that is? So, when they are registered, we TRANSFER them from our web host, to OUR server.<BR><BR>BOLD is to emphasize, not be rude. :-) I appreciate the help...<BR><BR>

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    I guess the user who answered you is right. You should contact your Internet Provider (the one that connects your company lan to the Internet) to get a static IP where you can then update your domain properties. They should be able to help you with further instructions.

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    JB Guest

    Default They couldn't...that's the problemo...

    Thanks, guys. I wanted to avoid going through them as the dsl connection and the ip&#039s for hosting is through pac bell. And they do NOT have any way of helping us. <BR><BR>We have 30 **** ip&#039s. We can&#039t just do this ourselves on the server? We HAVE TO depend on them even though we have our dedicated server and the ip&#039s available? We thought it was more point and click...they are useless...<BR><BR>I must be missing something. Thanks

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