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Thread: ASP files are launching in Photoshop?

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    Bel Guest

    Default ASP files are launching in Photoshop?

    Hi, I am a complete ASP newbie trying to learn but unable to do so because my asp files keep launching in Photoshop. I&#039ve read couple of old posts in here relating to this problem but they are of no use to me as they go on about altering Microsoft Personal Web Servers&#039s set up, but I don&#039t use PWS. <BR><BR>I would be very grateful for any help on how I might resolve this problem. <BR><BR>Presently, if i go to &#039Folder Options&#039 in Windows and select &#039File Type&#039, there is an entry for &#039Active Server Pages&#039, which has a command to open with Internet Explorer but has the file extensions &#039ASA&#039 and &#039CDX&#039. If I delete this entry and try make a new one with the extension &#039ASP&#039, I get the following error message:<BR><BR>"The extension &#039.asp&#039 is already in use by filetype Photoshop.SepTablesFile. Choose another extension."<BR><BR>I would really really appreciate the help/advice of someone who could help me clear this problem up as its totally preventing me from moving on with my learning.<BR><BR>Many thanks to all in advance,<BR>Bel <BR>

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    Bel Guest

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    I have found the following posting dated 1/26/00 from Andy, which seems to have done the trick [cheers Andy]:<BR><BR>RE: Photoshop, ASP file association, PWS (From the Databases Q & A Forum)<BR>This will fix your problem - <BR>Hit Start, Run, then enter "regedit"<BR>Open HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT<BR>Find the folder named ".asp"<BR>Right-click the folder and choose "delete"<BR>(back up your registry if you&#039re not sure)<BR>Close the registry editor<BR>Next time an asp page is double-clicked, you will get the "Choose a program to run this file" window. Choose the application that you would like to use to edit the code; Click the check box on the bottom ("Always use this file...").

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    Dave2000 Guest

    Default You just solved my problem too!

    Thanks. I have had that problem for ages. The way that I fixed that at home was to kill everything, reintall Windows and then intall Photoshop first and all my other programs afterwards. I guess that&#039s what happens when you use a program on Windows that was originally intended to use on MAC. Unfortunately, I can&#039t just uninstall everything at work.

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