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    Hello,<BR>I&#039ve tried to customize your&#039s code for paging through database results N records at a time, ie i&#039ve put this code:<BR><BR>dim strSQL <BR>Set strSQL = "SELECT [PropID], [PropType], [PropDesc], [PropDept], [PropSurf], [PropPrix], [PropText] FROM Propriete;"<BR><BR>I&#039m getting this message:<BR><BR>Erreur d&#039exécution Microsoft VBScript erreur &#039 800a01a8&#039 <BR><BR>Objet requis: &#039[string: "SELECT [PropID], [Pr"]&#039 <BR><BR>/recordset.asp, ligne 25 <BR><BR>Can you help me?<BR>Thanks.<BR>

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    Yes,<BR>the reason is (very) late night programming.<BR>The message is normal when Set is beeing used.

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