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    I am working on Radio Button and I want to get the <BR>Value of the Radio Button to Validate .<BR><BR>Kindly Let me know how do I capture this .<BR>Thanks , <BR>Ash

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    In the Page that the radio button page submits to,<BR>You can capture the value of the radio button by saying;<BR><BR>var x = Request.form("name");<BR><BR>Where the string "name" is the name of the radio button in the HTML source. If there is more than one form element named the same, then the values of all of the like named elements will be a comma (and a single space after the comma) delimited string.<BR><BR>Dont forget to have the radio button inside of form tags and have the form action be the page that you are going to grab the radio button value out of.<BR><BR>Let me know if this answered your question.<BR><BR>

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