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    I am making a custom 404 file that emails me when some encounters a 404 on my site. Using server varibles i am able to get the referer but using the varible HTTP_PATH i just get the path of the 404 NOT the url that is in the referring page. I can get this value by using javascript and window.location. Now -- how do i get the varible set in javascript to be put into the email WITHOUT having the person click on a form. I just want it mailed to me with out them having to do anything. I really am not all that good with javascript. <BR><BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>Bertine

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    I have written a script that does exactly what you are looking for, however it is at home and I am here at work. E-mail me at and remind me to send it to you and I will.<BR><BR>Nathan

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