Response.redirect opens in a new window??

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Thread: Response.redirect opens in a new window??

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    Tara Guest

    Default Response.redirect opens in a new window??

    I have a response.redirect at the beginning of a page, so if the record ID being passed has a certain field not blank, it redirects to another page. I want the other page to open in a new window, but putting "target=_blank" just tries to add it to the end of the url, what is the correct syntax for doing this?<BR><BR>This is what I have now:<BR><BR>If OnCompany("PRIORITY")="x" then<BR>Response.Redirect("http://" & OnCompany("WEB_SITE"))<BR>End If<BR><BR>I simply want that URL to open in a new window.<BR><BR>TIA!<BR>

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    Simhan Guest

    Default RE: Response.redirect opens in a new window??

    Sorry! This is not possible using response.redirect Instead you can generate client-side script that will do this for you. See code snippet below.<BR><BR>if OnCompany("PRIORITY") = "x" then<BR><BR>fileName = "http:// & onCompany("WEB_SITE")<BR><BR>Response.write("&#060 ;script Language=&#039JavaScript&#039&#062;")<BR>Response. write(";%=fileName%&#062;&#0 39,&#039winname&#039);")<BR>Response.write("&#060;/script&#062;")<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR>I hope I was clear<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>-- Simhan<BR>

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    Default No problemo!


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    maslena Guest

    Default RE: Response.redirect opens in a new window??

    Hi Simhan,<BR><BR>Can you mix client-side and server side scripting in a page.<BR><BR>I have a page that checks whether the session is valid. If not, I would like the login page to pop-up into a new window.<BR><BR>Your snippet looks like it will accompished this.<BR><BR>Now, how am I going to close the the new window upon successful login. Is there something to do with the onclick method or ???<BR><BR>thanks

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