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    I have an HTML page with a choice of CD ROMs -- the user fills in the quantity boxes, school name, name and clicks submit. I want to log, in an access database, using ASP what CD Roms they chose, how many and which shcool chose them. How do I do this -- does anyone know of a shopping cart ASP guide or an order entry guide? -- Thanks

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    Generate one checkbox for each CD-ROM with its name being prefixed or suffixed with the id of the CD-ROM. Same for the quantity textbox also.<BR><BR>In the target page, you can loop through the form collection of the request object and using left or right functions get the ids of all the CD-ROMS the use has selected and make entry in the database. For detailed help on code write to me.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>-- Simhan<BR>simhan@3rdagenda.com

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