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Thread: Search and Display from a database..How?

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    J P Gorti Guest

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    Suppose I have a ComboBoX containing all Rows from Say ClassID Column from the Classes Table. When a user selects the ClassID Column and clicks Search Button the Search results should display all the results in the Same Form . We can assume it returns only one row.. I would like the results(say ClassTitle and ClassStartDate) to be displayed in textboxes on the form..(My problem has been to display the results in the same form without opening another ASP Page). If I use the Submit Button then it opens another ASP in the Action Parameter of the Form Tag. But I want it to be displayed in the same ASP.<BR>Please Help!<BR><BR>J P Gorti

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    karthik Guest

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    hi gorti,<BR>In the action attribue append reload=yes to the asp filename in<BR>which the form is present and in the beginning of the asp page check whether reload=yes anf if it is true fill the text boxex in the same page.<BR>Bye <BR>

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