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    I have two dillemas I´ve been trying to solve in the last days<BR><BR>1. Users of my site have to delete some records by selecting checkboxes and then pressing a delete button. The number of records depends on a database field. This is similar to Hotmail management of emails. The approach I am using is naming each checkbox as the ID field so I can get those results later in a loop. This is probably no the most efficient way. Any clues or suggestions?<BR><BR>2. I need to print (I mean, with a printer) a selected portion of my page. Is this possible? If not, How do I print the entire page from a button? Moreover, Can I define the resolution? (I have a very detailed 1600x1200 b/w map which should print in less than half a page...<BR><BR>Any suggestions are welcome.... Thanks!

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    With the checkboxes problem, call all the checkboxes the same name(i.e. name="idval") and then when you submit response.write the request.Form("idval") just to see what is happening.<BR><BR>What you&#039ll get is a list of all the values seperated by commas.<BR><BR>Then when you do your delete statement you can do<BR><BR>"DELETE FROM yourtablename WHERE youidfield IN (" & Request.Form("idval") & ")"<BR><BR>If you have problems with it let me know because they&#039ll be syntax I use this quite a lot to select and to delete from a database.<BR><BR>Sorry can&#039t help you with the printing thing have never had a need to do it but what you could maybe try is do like they do on this site have a button that redirects you to a printer friendly version of your page which the user can print.<BR><BR>Hope it helps<BR>James

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