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    I have two text box values. When I submit i want to store this values in an array and do the process again and again. Last I should take all the values stored in this array and put it in table. Is it possible.

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    You can put stuff into array, but it won&#039t be saved for the other users to see in a table. you need to use some kind of server side language (ASP) to store the info on to the database.<BR>arrays:<BR>&#060;script&#062;<BR>temp[2];<BR>// you can also make array by using split function<BR>//ex:<BR>var words // contains some grouping of words separated by spaces<BR>temp=words.split(" "); // this will fill up the array (temp)<BR>// with every word of &#039words&#039. So, temp[0] is 1st word etc.<BR>temp[0]=document.yourformname.elements[0].value<BR>temp[1]=document.yourformname.elements[1].value<BR>//now temp[0] has your first text box value and temp[1]<BR>// the second<BR>&#060;/script&#062;

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    Vinod Guest

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    Thanks Yan<BR>Actually I want two dimensional array. The datas in the text boxes should be stored in the first row and after submitting if you fill the text boxes again, it should be stored in the second row and so on. Last this complete array, I want to store it in a database table row by row.<BR>Please help me.

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