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    Hi! This is a very silly question, I know, but as a beginner in ASP and databases I just can´t get it to work with the update function. I have a database with one table named Users and it includes fifteen fields. I want to update one of these and I wonder how I should do it. Please send me all code from beginning to end.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance/Fredrik

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    UPDATE Table Set column1 = &#039New column value&#039, column2 = 100 Where id = 3<BR><BR>Just use &#039Set&#039 and only set a value for the fields you want to change. If you don&#039t use the where clause, the column for every row will be updated with the nex data, so if you only want to update one line make sure you put a where clause in there to specify which line. In this case it is id.<BR><BR>Nathan

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