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    I can see my web page PWS/ASP/ACCESS but Internet users can&#039t<BR><BR>what is wrong.<BR><BR>Help please, <BR><BR>Thnsks

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    Default make sure users are tying correct IP address

    What is the error msg your users are getting....<BR><BR>My guess is:<BR>1. your users perhaps are not typing correct IP address. Whe you are using you don&#039t have a static IP address. Every time you start an internet session, you have a new IP address. Use "winipcfg" at RUN from Start menu to find the IP address.<BR><BR>2. my other guess is your machine is too slow, so the asp session is getting timed out on your user end<BR><BR>3. my third guess is the directory access on the folder where all you pages are is not set to read & execute.<BR>

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