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    I can see my web page but Internet users can&#039t, what is going own??<BR><BR>Any help is welcome.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Do you mean INTRA-net users or INTER-net users? I wouldn&#039t advise using PWS to serve up pages to the INTER-net. If people know your machine&#039s IP when you&#039re on line they could get to you but a lot of other loonies could get to you also. If you mean INTRA-net then your options are:<BR>1. Have your system administrator put an entry in your DNS server that points to your workstation. (Of course if you&#039re not running a DNS server on your network this one&#039s out)<BR>2. Have potential users edit their hosts file to add an entry to your machine. (messy)<BR>4. Have them connect by NetBIOS name. (ugh)<BR>3. Have them connect by IP address.<BR><BR>Those are my only ideas. Hope they help.<BR>

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