I have been reading articles on GuysFromRolla.com. I have a query regarding the use of MSAccess and MSSQL Server. I m going to launch a site very shortly and m expecting about 1 lac hit per day to the site. The hit ratio may very unevenly devided in a days span i.e. there may be peak times when the site may be hit tremendously from all corners of my country (India). <BR>I m using MS Access as backend. Recently I read somewhere that - " MS Access does not support advanced multiuser locking, transaction logs, or efficient indexing he multiuser locking of Access is not efficient. MS access is a desktop database and not a client/server database. i.e. it was not designed to support the number of simultaneous users that even a modest public website receives. One should use MS SQL Server." <BR>Please suggest a way out. Is it the right statement or just an extreme. <BR>Reply ASAP.<BR>Gaurav