Hai<BR><BR>I have developed an ATL COM Server DLL and accessing from ASP. Its asking me to increase the value of "Server.ScriptTimeOut" property. I knew that default is 90 secs. I have increased to 100, 150, 200,....<BR><BR>The error was:<BR>error &#039ASP 0113&#039 <BR>Script timed out <BR><BR>/testing/Asp/agencyinfo.asp <BR><BR>The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeOut or by changing the value in the IIS administration tools. <BR><BR>...<BR>Still I could not solve the problem. Can anybody help me out?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Sreekanth<BR>