Here&#039s my problem:<BR><BR>On the client (VB) side, I have a parent record and corresponding children records, and I want the update wrapped in a transaction. When I used FoxPro, I&#039d have had a stored procedure that accepts an array (or array of objects, for that matter) containing the children record data, and the whole transaction would be handled in the stored procedure.<BR><BR>In the VB/SQLServer paradigm, this solution is problematic for the simple reason that T-SQL won&#039t accept an array as a parameter to a stored procedure, and doesnt&#039 even seem to have it as a data type at all. True, I could pass the data as a comma-delimited string, and then unpack it on the other end. But as I see the contortions involved here, it&#039s dawning on me that Microsoft just doesn&#039t want me to do it this way. What they want me to do, apparently, is to begin and end the transaction from the client, through ADO. I&#039m not enamored with this solution, because I had been hoping to encapsulate all the transactions at the stored-procedure level. But maybe I&#039m overlooking another solution?<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Phil Glaser<BR><BR>