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    Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039d like to find out if Lynx browsers can view/run ASP pages. I have read on some sites that Lynx browsers cannot handle ASP because of cookies and I have read on other sites that it can be used. This is for a password protected site that accesses a database. This site also needs to allow users to download/upload files.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance!

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    I know very little about Lynx browsers but as long as you stay away from session variables, which are essentially cookies, and your server side scripts (ASP) only return HTML that Lynx browsers can handle then you shouldn&#039t have problem. The browser doesn&#039t "view" the ASP, it renders the results of the server processing the script on the page.<BR><BR>As far as doing file uploads and downloads I don&#039t know enough about the browser to say for sure but if the Lynx browsers are still text ONLY like they were when I was in college then up/downloading files from them is almost certainly out of the question.<BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps you......

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