Help...<BR>I need to connect to a database, grap the data in various fields and pass them to a image map that has text objects, over eighty, on it. The problem is: the text objects (as far as I know) can&#039t be address by name. They all have the name [text=] which I can&#039t change. The only thing that it has are coordinates. for example:<BR>text=" (269,287) (331, 313) {1254} {Times New Roman} 12 B #000000 CT 0 "<BR>text=" (125,111) (187, 137) {1400} {Times New Roman} 12 B #000000 CT 0 "<BR><BR>I wan&#039t to be able to replace the [1254] & [1400] with the results from the database.<BR><BR>Any suggestions?<BR>