Love where I live, will work well below market ave

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Thread: Love where I live, will work well below market ave

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    Default Love where I live, will work well below market ave

    Hello all,<BR>I am not adverse to travel. Would like to find a telecommute or semi-telecommute position. Live in eastern NC. 10+ years technical TCP/IP, UNIX, NT. 5+ years HTML, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Access. 2+ years ASP, PERL, javascript, Visual Basic, MS/Oracle SQL 1+ years Visual Interdev, Drumbeat 2000. I am very creative by nature, and a Journalism major, Bachelor of the Arts, by education. Work extremely well with others, perform well in technical, development and or sales capacity. Comfortable in front of large groups and power executives. WILL WORK BELOW MARKET AVERAGE FOR IDEAL CONTRACTS/POSITIONS!

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    Default is this a valid thread?

    in response to your post about working <BR>BELOW MARKET RATE...<BR><BR>I ask you <BR>WHY?<BR><BR>If you can do quality work, why not receive market pay?<BR><BR>It&#039s what we all expect. We work hard. We get to play hard.<BR><BR>But, back to the &#039quality&#039 issue...<BR>I have read your postings on another message board, and it&#039s clear you have not had much experience with ASP.<BR><BR>What does a client get then at &#039BELOW MARKET RATE&#039?<BR><BR>Just a thought...<BR>toby<BR><BR>

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    Default RE: is this a valid thread?

    absolutely.<BR><BR>some clients believe that they&#039re not getting value for money if you&#039re not charging them top dollar$<BR><BR>the fact is, that if anyone tries to undercut or receive below market standard pricings - then that is generally what you get in return - "below standard"<BR><BR>in this world - you get what you pay for.<BR><BR>cheekly yours<BR>fl1rt<BR><BR>available @ US$75-150 /hour<BR>

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    Default RE: Love where I live, will work well below market

    Dude, don&#039t undercut the rest of us. If your work is valuable, then treat it that way.

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