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    Hello,<BR>I recently started working on a poroject that is over my head. But I feel this is the best way for me to learn. It will force me to! Anyhow, I have gone through the code for the last day and have about figured out what most of it is doing. However, I have one variable and assignment that I cannot figure out what it is for. The following:<BR>Dim Webroot<BR>Webroot=Application("Webroot")<BR>I checked the global.asa and cannot find this application variable anywhere in it. Any ideas what it might be for?<BR>Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

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    Try doing a site wide search for it.<BR>It can be assigned outside of the global.asa file<BR>The global.asa file can be used to assign variable<BR>values at the application starts.<BR><BR>It may be assigned later after a certain event has taken place.<BR>Or it could be just not used at all. Sometimes I find variables<BR>in old code that doesn&#039t do anything from previous ideas, etc.<BR>Sloppy, but it happens allot

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