Hello,<BR>I have a client that wants a simple secure page for receiving credit cards via email. They don&#039t want anything fancy or high priced, like a Cybercash, etc. they just want to be able to use their existing &#039swipe&#039 machine to process any credit cards they receive via email. Before i quote them a price, I wanted to make sure I wasn&#039t overlooking anything. Here is what I proposed to do:<BR>1. Get a secure server certificate from Verisign or Thawte<BR>2. Enable SSL on their website (They have this feature as part of the plan they are on.)<BR>3.Create a secure https .asp page for input of the customer info, including CCnumber. Would do validation checking here, most likely via javascript?<BR>4. Create a secure .asp page, via https, that processes the info., sends the customer a confirmation via JMail, (Just simply name, what they ordered, etc. no confidential info like CC#), and then sends an encrypted email to my client&#039s specified address, with CC#, exp. date, etc..<BR>5. When they download their email, the &#039key&#039 on their local machine would decrypt the information and allow them to manually extract the credit card number for verification through their &#039swipe&#039 machine.<BR>Does that sound like a reasonable description of requirements? How much would be a reasonable charge for this service, including the certificate? I figured it shouldn&#039t take me more than a couple of hours and i should be able to get $300-500 for it.<BR>Thanks for your help..<BR>