Hi Folks,<BR>I am having a problem with the scheduling features of Site Server Express on IIS and NT4.0 I can run each individual task&#039s batch file manually and they run fine. But when executed as an automated task through Windows NT cmd.exe, the last task; the generation of a template report, stops the cmd.exe just as it is about to exit. The following error is logged:<BR><BR>Run Time Error &#039 365&#039 - Unable to Unload Within This Context<BR>Suspect this is an invalid procedure call somewhere in the exit routine of the NT Scheduler, as the task itself is visible in the background and appears to have completed, other than the actual closing of the DOS prompt window.<BR>I can&#039t figure out where or what does the actual call to cmd.exe to start and stop. Any information? And Info on where to get further technical support on this product would be wonderful. Microsoft&#039s site is terrible with it. All they want to talk about is their full blown retail version. Guess that figures.