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    Glenn Melton Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>I&#039ve had a request for creating a web page for a company to enter text on a day to day basis and have it updated on thier initial web page (index/default page) and they want it dumbed down as much as possible, keep in mind they have no clue how to program HTML/ASP etc.<BR><BR>I was thinking about creating a database with tables for the Authors name, Headline/Title, the message body, and Time/Date, the database will have to be in Access2000 format as they do not have a SQL server. Then creating a page with form elements such as AuthorID, MsgTitle, MsgBody, and TimeDate.<BR><BR>Then I was thinking about how to get the info back out of the database, and the best thing I could think of was to make a blank page that collects the database results, and displays them, and then just do and &#039Include&#039 to that page on the index.asp page.<BR><BR>Then I ran into problems such as formatting the message neatly, etc.<BR><BR>Im just looking for advice on if this is a good way of going about this task or if there is a better way to go about it, I figured with all the web sites out there doing daily &#039news&#039 updates that someone here has done something like that.<BR><BR>Thanks for any insight/help on this<BR><BR>Glenn Melton<BR>glennmelton@hotmail.com

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    Might be a stupid question, but why not access the data directly from the index.asp page? You could format it however you want from there.<BR><BR>Nathan

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    Glenn Melton Guest

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    The index.asp page doesnt have any news area on it yet, Im looking for a why to let this client enter news and have it post to the index page, without the client having to directly edit the asp/html code, as they dont know how.

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