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    I&#039ve been developing a site that uses the Response.Redirect command in several locations. A problem that I&#039ve just arose is that the user&#039s session terminates with every Response.Redirect. This has never been an issue before and I can&#039t pinpoint what changed to make this error occur.<BR><BR>I have walked through the code in debug mode with a watch on the session variables. The session variables are nulled right after the response.redirect command is executed. <BR><BR>I&#039ve searched several ASP sites exhaustively with no luck. Does anyone have some insight on this issue?<BR><BR>Jameson

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    This is so obvious that I hesitate to suggest it, but...<BR><BR>You aren&#039t by any chance redirecting across "virtual directory" boundaries (that is, from one "application" to another)? Each application (basically, each virtual directory specified in the configuration, and certainly each that has a "global.asa" file) gets its own set of application *and* session variables. Have you checked to see if the session ID is changing? If it is, then almost surely that is what is happening. If the session ID is *not* changing, then I haven&#039t got a clue.<BR><BR>

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